Al Faisal

Bio of Al Faisal

Md Abdullah Al Faisal is a multifaceted individual whose diverse expertise and unwavering passion have left an indelible mark across various domains. Renowned as an IT Professional, Creative Designer, Inventor, Motivator, Public Speaker, and Entrepreneur, his journey is a testament to the power of innovation and determination.


Md Abdullah Al Faisal’s educational journey encompasses a unique blend of knowledge, having successfully completed his Graduation in two distinct fields – Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of Laws. Complementing his academic achievements, he fortified his expertise by acquiring six Professional Diplomas, with a focus on Computer Science, a testament to his commitment to constant learning and self-improvement.

As a trailblazing inventor:

Md Abdullah Al Faisal has introduced numerous groundbreaking innovations over the past 15 years. His driving force lies primarily in the realms of IT and Health sectors, where his inventive ideas translate into practical solutions that transform industries. Notably, he established his inaugural IT venture, Galaxy Global IT, in 2004, a pivotal step that initiated his enduring journey of technological advancement.

Beyond the confines of his projects, Md Abdullah Al Faisal’s thirst for knowledge has taken him on a remarkable journey across 17 nations in Asia and the Middle East. Within his own country, he explored 55 districts, relentlessly seeking to enrich his understanding and experiences.

As a Idea Maker:

A fervent advocate of fresh ideas, Md Abdullah Al Faisal is fueled by the excitement of pioneering uncharted territories. His exceptional blend of creativity and practicality enables him to transform concepts into reality, an attribute that sets him apart.

Abundance of Initiatives:

Among his notable contributions are a plethora of ventures, including Webmaster BD, D-Core, Product Photography, Clipping Path India, Health & Beauty, Dressia Dots, Path Service, World Mart, Icon Outsourcing, Global Constructions, Icon Express, Galaxy Global Holdings, Asthma Check Foundation, and Pic Eazy.

Md Abdullah Al Faisal’s legacy is one defined by his unyielding determination, his ability to merge creativity with functionality, and his unwavering commitment to progress in the ever-evolving landscapes of IT, Health, and Entrepreneurship. His journey is an inspiration, embodying the spirit of exploration, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.

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